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Semiconductor Fuses

In today's industry avoiding down-time can be the same as creating income. Not using fuses for semiconductor protection would have catastrophic consequences. Power supply and IGBT output at frequency inverters (low and medium power) are encapsulated. Removing components such as diodes / transistors (IGBTS) is impossible. You must buy a new device!
To prevent unnecessary damage, you must confirm that your device includes high speed fusing at the time of installation. For the protection of drivers, most of the manufacturers seem to have accepted circuit breakers despite many advantages are not an option for protection drives.
The operational characteristics for circuit breakers are simply too slow, allowing too much energy to pass through. So, fuse is the obvious choice.

Semiconductor protection fuses is one of the fastest growing market in today's world. These fuses are used to protect against over-current conditions in semiconductors devices. Because of their fast action, semiconductor fuses help to limit the short circuit current significantly.

Availability of Semi Conductor Fuses :Semiconductor fuses are available several types like
  • Neozed 
  • Cylinder 
  • NH, Knife Blade 
  • NH, Stud Mount 
  • Square Body 
Current limiting Semiconductor Fuses have extremely fast acting trip characteristics and provide short circuit and overload protection for diodes, SCR's, etc. 
The Semiconductor Fuses offered comply with IEC, DIN and VDE standards. They are available in two super fast characteristics. 
Operating Classes:  gR - Full Range Protection Overload and short circuit protection
Typical Markings: Ultra RapidTM, SilizedTM, SilcuTM, Sitor TM, RecticurTM, ProtistorTM, gR,  
aR - Partial Range Protection Short circuit protection only. Faster acting than full range fuses. 
Typical Markings: Ultra RapidTM, SilizedTM, SilcuTM, SitorTM, RecticurTM, ProtistorTM, aR,  
Space saving, compact Square Body Fuses provide short circuit protection semiconductor devices such as diodes, SCR'S, etc. Fuses with knife blades are typically used in high power applications of 80 to 1OOOA at 660 or 1OOOV. Square Body Fuses are available in three sizes with knife blades in two fixing lengths, 80mm (3.15 in) and 11Omm (4.33 in.). They can be supplied with a Flap Indicator or a Center Indicator for visual trip indication. The Center Indicator has a provision for mounting an Adapter and Microswitch for remote indication. The Semiconductor Fuses offered here comply with IEC, DIN and VDE. 
Operating Class aR - Partial Range Protection (VDE 0636 / IEC 269 ) Short circuit protection only. Typical Markings: Ultra RapidTM, SilcuTM, ProtistorTM, aR, 

Advantages of Using Semi Conductor Fuses
Semiconductor fuses are designed for the protection of semiconductors, primarily SCRs, thyristors, transistors, triacs, and similar solid state devices. Then 
Semiconductor fuses provide the following advantages:
  • Simple to use
  • Reliable
  • Faster acting than regular fuses
  • Available in convenient mounting options
Semiconductor fuses are available in a wide range - from 1 A through to 7,500A with specifications ranging from IEC through to UL.