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Innova has Something for Every Industry..

Thyristor modules, transistor modules,Discrete Thyristors and diodes and semi conductor fuses for its protection media in a while and has applications in many areas. To name a few -

  • Steel Plants (AC/DC drives, Induction furnaces, Material handling, Soft starters)
  • Cement Plants (AC/DC drives / Packaging or UPS)
  • Automotive Factories (Welding & machines, AC/DC Drives)
  • Chemical Units (AC/DC drives ,packaging, process)
  • Textile Mills (AC/DC drives, soft starters, material handling)
  • Sugar Plants (AC/DC drives. Soft starters)

ALL INDUSTRIES NEED HRC, LT/HT FUSES. We also have several customers with whom we have Annual Rate Contract (A.R.C.) for their entire range of fuses and we have a committed stock (AC / DC drives, thyristor modules, transistor modules, semi conductor fuses, etc.) for their anytime breakdown as well as std stores requirements.

A few leading customers of Innova have this to say: